Woodholme Manor Elysium

Woodholme Manor - 1384 Wonderland Rd N

The entire grounds have been declared Elysium.

Entering off the street is via a stone gateway with metal reinforcements (#WH_Front_Gate). You must present your invitation or identification for scanning, along with a visual ID inspection before the gate will open. A tree lined winding driveway leads past a guard house and to a parking lot to the side of the main building (#WH_Outside). If you are using alternative methods of transportation, this would be your entry point.

The main doors lead to Front Hall (#WH_Front_Hall) where there are servants waiting to take your coats, hats, umbrellas, weapons and armor. Any exceptions must be cleared through the Keeper and/or Prince.

(If you have an access pass, there is an alternative entrance into the #WH_Kitchen.)

Off the Front Hall are the Receiving Room, used for small social gatherings (#WH_Recieving_Room), the Drawing Room, used for larger social gatherings (#WH_Drawing_Room), the grand staircase and a hallway leading further into the house.

Down the hallway is the entrance to the Main Hall (#WH_Main_Hall) which is used for official courts and meetings. You will be expected to wait at the doorway until you are announced to those already in attendance. If court is not to be in session, this room will be closed up.

On the second floor are more rooms for socializing.

There has been a special room set aside for an Elder's Salon (#WH_Salon). Admittance is strictly limited to recognized Elders and a guard has been placed on the entrance to secure the premises. There is also a Billiards Room with various amusements set up. This is also the location of the only computer in the building. (#WH_Billiards_Room) At the rear of the second floor is the Ballroom, where formal dances and other social events will take place (#WH_Ballroom).

On the third floor there are some bedrooms (#WH_Bedroom) as well as the Prince's Study (#WH_Study). Admittance to the Study is restricted to Court Position holders and invitees only.


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