Tremere Lore

Tremere Lore 1:
What a fledgeling Tremere or outsiders would know.

  • You can remember parts of the Code of Tremere, but as bits and pieces, as fragments of the whole. It would require concentration to recite the entire Code of Tremere;
  • You know that breaking the Tremere rules is a bad thing, and that loyalty to House and Clan is everything. The Tremere are an ancient and secret society of sorcerers, with a hierarchy composed of multiple ranks within the clan, but nobody is supposed to know that;
  • The Pyramid everyone refers to is a mystical entity that oversees all Tremere;
  • Tremere aren't supposed to take open positions of power in the Camarilla;
  • You know who the local Regent is, or at least who appears to be the Tremere in power in the city;
  • Stay out of trouble, because Tremere who get in trouble too often vanish mysteriously and sometimes reappear greatly changed;
  • Tremere refuse to teach their magic to anyone else;
  • Nobody is supposed to know where the Tremere sleep during the day but the Tremere;
  • Stupidity equals expendability;
  • The location of the Chantry should never be revealed;
  • The Tremere are run out of Vienna by incredibly powerful and controlling Elders;
  • You know that when asked about their magic, the Tremere give the response: "that's a good question, let me do some research and I will get back to you"

Tremere Only

  • You know basic workings of your own chantry, and most of the general policies of the local Regent;
  • Tremere aren't supposed to talk to those of higher rank without permission;

Tremere Lore 2:
What a neonate Tremere would know

  • Some of the internal politics within the chantry;
  • You have memorized the Code of Tremere and know your Regent's interpretation of it;
  • You've heard of some of the more common interpretations of the Code of Tremere;
  • Demons are not to be conjured, they can trip you and claim your soul;
  • The penalties for breaking the Tremere rules are very harsh…you may even have learned this first hand;
  • If you serve the House and Clan Tremere well, you will be rewarded. If you fail, you may end up dead;
  • There are a couple of main factions of thought within the clan;
  • You know the basics about what Path of Blood through advanced can do;
  • You know what a few rituals can do, usually only the ones you have been taught or have seen in common use;
  • Salubri are evil and monstrous three-eyed vampires that all loyal Tremere should kill on sight;
  • Tremere never turn traitor to the Sabbat;
  • The Tremere are the real reason there are only seven clans in the Camarilla;
  • You know that Assamites hate the Tremere, and may have heard rumors about the curse;
  • "Going to Vienna" is a euphemism for what happens to those that the clan is mad at;
  • You may know who the Lord in your Region is.

Tremere Only

  • You know not to contact the Lord without the Regent's permission;
  • Low ranking Tremere should consult their elders before taking a position of power in the Camarilla;

Tremere Lore 3:
What an Ancilla Tremere or High Apprentice would know

  • Believes the story that Tremere and his companions became vampires through the use of their magic;
  • How the Regent interprets many issues in the Code;
  • Suspects that secret societies may exist within the Tremere;
  • May know general details about the Children of the Pyramid and one other secret society;
  • A working knowledge of the history of Clan Tremere, as presented in the clanbook; however, NOTHING about the diablerie of Saulot (IGNORE section titled "Diablerie" on page 17 of the old clanbook);
  • May have heard of Gargoyles or Homunculi;
  • Has heard of the Assamite curse.
  • You have a working knowledge of what 1-3 Paths will do (Other than the ones you can cast)
  • You have a working knowledge of what about 1-7 rituals will do (other than the ones that you can cast)

Tremere Only

  • Possibly has sat on a tribunal;
  • Knows the Thaumaturgical areas of interests of those Tremere living within the chantry;
  • Has heard that the Council has some sort of Secret Police

Tremere Lore 4:
What a high ranked or Elder Tremere Would know.

  • Has some familiarity with parts of the Peripheral Code and its complications;
  • Some knowledge about the Heirarchy in their Lord's Realm Can identify prominent traditionalists and transitionalists;
  • How the Lord interprets the Code;
  • The tradition of certamen.
  • You have a working knowledge of what 2-6 Paths will do (Other than the ones you can cast)
  • You have a working knowledge of what 3-12 rituals will do (Other than the ones you can cast).

Tremere Only

  • Knows the proper role of a pannel member or a "voice" at a Tribunal.
  • How to get someone sent to Vienna—properly (see Tremere Guide);
  • The existence of the non-geographic Pontifices.
  • Basic knowledge of 2-3 secret societies (equvalent to the writeup in the clanbook);
  • Knows of the Existance of the Astors, but no clue who any of them are.

Tremere Lore 5:
What a Tremere Loremaster would know.

  • The many ways the Peripheral Code can be cited and interpreted;
  • A great deal about Tremere History, including significant knowledge of the Peripheral Code, the rulings of past tribunals, and decisions made by the Councillor;The prevalence of secret societies (rough knowledge of 5-6);
  • Some knowledge of the House and Clan's affairs in their region;
  • The labrynthine complexities of the Peripheral Code;
  • Not to talk about the events of 1133 (yes, this means you know what's in the "Diablerie" section on pg. 17 of the old clanbook);
  • You have a working knowledge of what many Paths will do (Other than the ones you can cast)
  • You have a working knowledge of what many rituals will do (Other than the ones you can cast).

Tremere Only:

  • When and how to contact a Pontifex (without being demoted to Apprentice 1 and sent to Antarctica).
  • The true story behind the creation of the Gargoyles;
  • How to approach the Councillor;
  • Knows some of the Tremere involved in the secret societies;
  • Knowledge of the hierarchy within their Pontifex's Order;
  • Some vague ideas as to how the Councillor thinks and acts;
  • How to serve as Praeco at a tribunal
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