Player: Gerald (G`) Green

Aliases: Tobias.

Creature Type: Vampire

Clan: Unknown.

Political Affiliation: Camarilla

Social Age Category: Neonate

Titles: None.

Camarilla: 2


Tobias is a young looking mix heritage boy looking no older then 17-21, being able to pass off as a teenager or young adult, but no more or less. He dresses very grunge and emo style, having dedicated his time to imitate a group of young people who look for acceptance and emotion. He is thin, and lithe looking, and he always wears his hair with a brush of it over his right eye. Always a part of his clothing is the Golden Islamic symbol, with a few wrist trinkets that have the symbol for Muhammad and Peace on them.

Notable Traits

* Tobias is commonly heard to give a very long sigh when it comes to conversations dealing about the Tremere.
* When free from being around other Kindred, Tobias sings and writes poetry. It is said that he puts some Toreador to shame.

Common Knowledge

* No one ever questions what Clan Tobias is.
* Tobias is always quick to make friends, some say it is desperate, while others murmur that perhaps he ran here from something or someone.

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