Setting Information

City History

Locations in the City

General Warning:
The Forks of the Thames is a known territory where the Garou hang out. Avoid the parks around the area, and if you must drive through the area - drive quickly. Do not make your Haven within several blocks. Avoid being found in the area unless you wish to have a close encounter.

As well, the Native Reserves in the area are also known Garou territory. There are several large reserves to the west and southwest of London.

Other Garou areas are unknown, but are likely spread around the town in various locations.

Sabbat Territories:
The following cities are known Sabbat strongholds: Detroit, Windsor, Sarnia, Toronto, Hamilton, Manitoulin island, Tobemory. Possible strongholds: Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo, Owen Sound, Chatham. Travel along the major highways through those areas (Hwy 401, 402, 403) should be generally safe but not recommended.

Safe passage can be arranged via Port Stanley/Cleveland and the Camarilla authorities there. Alternative ground transportation can be arranged by the Giovanni in the Niagara Peninsula.

No known Ravnos family groups in the area. No known Settite temples in the area. No known Autarkis in the area. There is a suspected Monitor, but as usual with such individuals there is no proof.

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