Salubri Lore

Salubri Lore 1

  • You know the Salubri have three eyes
  • You think there are several types of Salubri
  • You know Salubri can heal others, and often do (Substitution if your PC is a Salubri antitribu: You know Salubri can hurt others, and often do.)
  • You know there are very few Salubri, but there once were many
  • You know the Tremere kill the Salubri on sight, but are not sure why (for antitribu: You have heard of the Tremere, and know they want to kill you on sight.)

Salubri Lore 2

  • You know not all Salubri have three eyes - it's the learning of their signature Discipline that causes the development.
  • You know there were several types of Salubri, and that some of them weren't healers (for antitribu: You know there are Salubri who aren't warriors.)
  • You know that there are Salubri in the Sabbat, and that they are different, and only recently appeared. (for antitribu: You know that there are Salubri who aren't in the Sabbat, and that they have been around for longer than you)
  • You know the Salubri progenitor's name was Saulot, and that he's dead at the hands of the Tremere
  • You know the Tremere act as if the Salubri are infernalists, but that they have more devious motives

Salubri Lore 3

  • You know that the Salubri were divided into the Healers and the warriors, both studying a different path of Valeren. In modern nights, the healers' Discipline is known as Obeah, and the warriors - who are now only found in the Sabbat - use Valeren.
  • You know that the antitribu only recently came into existence, and they were probably founded by a Salubri who left the path of healing
  • You know that Saulot was in search of Golconda, and may have attained it somehow
  • You know that the Tremere wiped out the Salubri, and that they often diablerized them in order to strengthen themselves
  • You are familiar with the legend that Elder Salubri (but not antitribu) used to Sire a Childe and educate it so it may diablerize them at some point, continuing their line. You know that in the modern nights, this practice has fallen out of use.

Salubri Lore 4

  • You are aware that Adonai turned to the Sabbat, starting the Salubri antitribu in the second half of the 20th century
  • You know the Salubri progenitor's name was Saulot, and that he's probably not dead.
  • You know Saulot went to the East for a while, was known as Zao-Lat the healer, and left the East again without having found what he was looking for.
  • You are aware that the Ravnos often betrayed the Salubri and sold them back to the Tremere during the Dark Ages
  • You are familiar with most of the historical information as presented in the Clanbook Salubri for Vampire: the Dark Ages

Salubri Lore 5

  • You know that the Salubri and the Inconnu are somehow linked, although you also know that investigating this too closely may be unwise - unless you're in the Inconnu yourself already.
  • You know the exact description of the surroundings of Saulot's diablerie, as described in Clanbook Tremere Revised. You think something's wrong with that story.
  • You believe that Saulot failed to achieve Golconda in the East
  • You know that Saulot founded three major lines - the Salubri, the Baali… and the Tremere.
  • You are quite certain that Tremere and his line were tricked into destroying Saulot and the Salubri so Saulot could use the Tremere as his latest experiment
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