Ravnos Lore

Ravnos Lore 1:
What any Mulo might uncover

  • Aware that the Ravnos are a specific kind of vampire
  • You have heard that they are in some way related to Gypsies
  • Aware that people do not tend to trust most Ravnos
  • You know that the Ravnos do not ally themselves as a whole to other kinds of Vampires
  • A lot of Ravnos are made from Gypsies
  • You know that Ravnos often travel, usually in groups
  • Ravnos tend to be criminals of some sort
  • If you shut the Ravnos out of a city, they will return in greater numbers and trash it
  • Beware the Ravnos' "Evil eye"

Ravnos Lore 2:
What most vampire Gaje might realize

  • Honor between Ravnos and freedom are highly valued
  • Few people tell Ravnos where they can or cannot go, lest they invoke a "Treatment"
  • They and the Gangrel have a bitter enmity in their past
  • You probably know a handful of Ravnos-related Roma words, such as: Kumpania, Gaje, Phralmulo, Kris, etc.
  • You have heard of a Path of Enlightenment among the Ravnos
  • The groups the Ravnos travel in are led by a "Baro"
  • You know the local Baro and suspect he may be ruled by others

Ravnos Lore 3:
What Phralmulo must be taught
Anyone can learn - however, it may be considered a killable offense by some Ravnos for non-Ravnos to know this

  • While Gypsy curses are rare, the Ravnos can alter reality; how strongly that alteration affects a person depends on their will and beliefs.
  • The Ravnos created in Europe tend to be from the Roma, though many of the American Ravnos are not.
  • Traditional Ravnos of Rom descent consider it a serious crime to feed from the Roma.
  • You know about the act and nature of "Treatments" and what they are used for
  • You know of the Right to Challenge when your honor is questioned
  • You understand that the Gangrel and Ravnos have a shared history.
  • You have heard stories of Ravnos older than the Roma, though you may not have met one
  • Some very old elders aren't even Romani
  • You know of the Kris - the Ravnos court
  • You know the Krisnatori who keeps watch over your Kumpaniya and more or less where they are
  • You have heard at least one legend of the origins of the bloodline (the Cainite version listed on p. 20 of the Ravnos Clanbook)
  • You are familiar with the basic ideas of the Path of Paradox, whether you follow it yourself or not.

Ravnos Lore 4:
What any respectable Baro should know
This knowledge is considered a killable offense if known by members of another Clan or sect

  • You probably believe in the "Kaen's Favored Son" legend, as you now have heard much more about it
  • You have heard of mortal Roma who call themselves by the name of Ravnos
  • You understand many of the reasons to avoid contact with the Roma; you know also that the Tsurara fear and hate the Ravnos Vampires
  • You are fully knowledgeable about the Path of Paradox, and capable of teaching it with some skill.
  • You are familiar with many Ravnos legends, including the "Hok-Kanu Baro", the "Seeds of Power" and families of Vampire hunters among the Roma
  • You have heard the other two origin tales of the Ravnos and have a view on which one is correct (depending on one's Path and background- Rom likely believe the Rom-based tale, followers of Paradox likely believe the Indian origins, others likely still believe the Cainite version)
  • You know of the fight between Ravnos and the First Gangrel
  • You know at least one other Baro and more or less where they are
  • There was a time very long ago when the Ravnos and some werewolves fought together to protect Roma from harm at the hands of some corrupting force.

Ravnos Lore 5:
What a Krisatori must know to be worthy
This knowledge is considered a killable offense if known by members of another Clan or sect

  • You may have some idea of the identity of others with as much knowledge as you.
  • You know of the Samadji and the true power of the Amria
  • You know a few of the Krisnatoria, at least by name and reputation, and what continent they travel on
  • You recognize the signs of the passing of a Kumpaniya and can track one
  • You know that Chimerstry can hurt the "Fae"
  • You understand that phralmulo who feed on their mortal cousins absorb their power, and know of incidents in which kindred have slaughtered their Rom kin out of bloodlust.
  • You know most of the Krisnatori and many of the Baros, as well as the region they are currently in
  • You are familiar with the general travel patterns of the major Kumpaniyi
  • You are familiar with every major decision of any Kris that has transpired
  • You know the legends of some of the artifacts of Power and possibly the region or area they might be located
  • You know of the actual words Kaen spoke to Ravnos (or at least the summary)
  • You know more or less where to find the Ravnos in any city
  • All other information in the Clanbook, with the key understanding that some of it is composed of half-truths, or flat-out wrong- you simply don't know which parts… Character gains Nightmares flaw if on Humanity, Vengeful flaw (against non-followers of Paradox) if on Paradox, or Absent-Minded (if more appropriate than either of the other two, as determined by PC's Storyteller)
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