Lord Vicarius

Player: NPC

Aliases: None known

Creature Type: Vampire

Clan: Ventrue

Political Affiliation: Camarilla

Social Age Category: Elder

Titles: Primogen

Camarilla: 4
Clan: 3
Elder: 3


Common Knowledge

  • Known to have been active during the Roman Empire
  • Dealt heavily within the Senate
  • Heavily involved in banking, dabbles in modern politics
  • Allies with Hardestat the Elder and Younger
  • Present at the founding of the Camarilla, Treaty of Thorns
  • Arrived to "support this bastion of the Camarilla"


  • Refused the Seneschal position when it was offered to him
  • Never took many risks before
  • Never been seen in North America before
  • Never seen in a small town before


IC Contact Info

  • Known to reside in the Penthouse of One London Place
  • Visits are appointment only
  • Occasionally can be found in the One London Place Elysium
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