Kiasyd Lore

Kiasyd Lore 1

  • Usually very tall and thin with jet black eyes, a slight bluish cast to their skin.
  • They're very knowledgeable and book-smart.
  • They're usually passive, preferring to watch the events that go on around them.
  • They prefer to "fight" using their wit and knowledge.
  • They may be Sabbat.
  • They may be embraced Elves.

Kiasyd Lore 2

  • They tend to reside alone (away from other Kiasyd).
  • They often set up roots and remain in one place for long periods of time.
  • They've been called Weirdlings.
  • They don't like to drink directly from the vessel.
  • They do not embrace often.
  • The transformation they undergo upon embrace is very painful, most die.
  • Their odd powers are called Mytherceria.
  • There is a link to the Fae.
  • They may be the result of an experiment gone bad.

Kiasyd Lore 3

  • They gather every 50 years or so to exchange knowledge.
  • They also have mastery over shadow (Obtenebration) and mind (Dominate).
  • The Lasombra created the Kiasyd.
  • They may be embraced Faeries.
  • They may be infernal.
  • Mytherceria seems to be an odd mix of Auspex and Dominate‚Ķ almost.
  • The pain of the transformation induces a sort of madness (uncontrolled frenzy), from which some never recover and they must be killed.
  • There is definitely something about iron that is a disadvantage to them.
  • They are the result of an experiment gone bad, and the Lasombra Marconius became the first Kiasyd.

Kiasyd Lore 4

  • Know the most common details of the experiment (blood of the god gotten from a mortal Mage, Fae blood (probably Unseelie), generic ritual stuff).
  • Their current links to the Lasombra often are associated with libraries.
  • They are not infernal, but somehow there is a link between demons and Fae and Kiasyd.
  • Marconius was cast out by the Lasombra, and they may bear a grudge against the Lasombra for that.
  • Marconius is still around.

Kiasyd Lore 5

  • After the experiment went awry, Marconius disappeared for centuries. He returned, with his brood, and took Strasburg from the Ventrue. He still rules there.
  • They could care less about the Lasombra except where the sharing of knowledge is concerned (they bear no grudge for the treatment of Marconius).
  • Know the true association with the Fae and more details on the experiment.
  • Marconius was taken in by the Fae and may have been taught some of their powers, resulting in Mytherceria.
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