Hector Thorne

Player: NPC

Aliases: None known

Creature Type: Vampire

Clan: Brujah

Political Affiliation: Camarilla

Social Age Category: Ancillae

Titles: Prince, Ex-Archon

Camarilla: 5
Clan: 2


Common Knowledge

  • Ancillae
  • Ex-Archon of ex-Justicar Carlak
  • Childe of ex-Justicar Carlak
  • Worked with Carlak for many years
  • Knowledgable in Sabbat tactics and their tricks
  • Sent back to London by Justicar Pascek to restore the Tower in London


  • Embraced in London, Ontario
  • Competant in battle, less so in politics
  • Good investigator


IC Contact Info

  • Can be contacted via the Staff at the main Elysia - Woodholme Manor
  • Might be able to be contacted via the Royal Lancaster Club
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