Gangrel Lore

Gangrel Lore 1:
What a recently embraced childe would know

  • Your clan seems to abandon their new children for no other reason than to see if they survive.
  • The Gangrel are generally wanders, without a home, preferring the wilderness, and with no established leader.
  • You're heard mention of "gathers", huge affairs where tales are swapped, but, you've never been to one.
  • You are aware of the clan disciplines of standard Gangrel and familiar with the basic levels of each.
  • You know Werewolves and gypsies are rumored to tolerate your clan more than most.
  • You know that most of the time the clan is lead through strength of Arms and Character.

Gangrel Lore 2:
What an adopted and recognized childe would know

  • You are aware that Princes tend to allow you free access into their cities and you're rarely required to introduce yourself.
  • You know that the Clan is somewhat split, with some remaining a part of the Camarilla, and other claiming their independence.
  • You know that when Gangrel frenzy they grow more animalistic.
  • "City" Gangrel are associated with the Sabbat and no longer see themselves as part of the Gangrel Clan.
  • You know about the yearly gathers in which Gangrel tell tales. You may have even been to one.
  • You know Gangrel traditionally swap tales when they meet and you probably have a few tales under your belt about friends and associates that you can pull out when you meet someone.
  • You know how the discipline Protean can, on rare occasion, produce different results for different Gangrel. These are slight variations in how the discipline manifests itself. (i.e. Fight/Flight Forms differences, Differences in Eye Color, Etc.)

Gangrel Lore 3:
What an established Gangrel would know

  • You know how the Gangrel interpret the Traditions.
  • You know that the Gangrel generate a large number of Caitiff due to their embrace practices.
  • It is rumored those City Gangrel associated with the Sabbat are "different".
  • The werewolves prefer to be called "Garou" and should be avoided. Beyond this, you must buy a separate lore.
  • You are familiar with all Gangrel in-clan disciplines through the advanced level and can generally recognize them in use even if you don't possess them.
  • The clan has an alliance with the gypsies, also known as "Rroma".
  • You recognize the names of the movers and shakers in the Gangrel clan (what few of them there are)
  • You know mythology has it that "Ennoia" was the mother of the clan. That is, she was the first 'Gangrel'. Beyond that, you've heard several stories, but aren't sure which to buy.

Gangrel Lore 4:
What an older Gangrel would know

  • You know much of the recent history of the clan.
  • You know about Ennoia, Enoch and antediluvians.
  • You actually know a few movers and shakers in the clan personally.
  • The Sabbat bloodlines are two groups, one like us, called Country Gangrel and another, City Gangrel. The last possess the disciplines Obfuscate, Celerity and Protean and often exhibit insectoid or odd animal characteristics.
  • You know there was a once a war between the Gangrel and the Tremere, and know of the disappearances of some of the clan, which resulted in Gangrel involvement.
  • You have heard rumors of Gangrel that spend most of their unlives within the water. (The Mariners)
  • You have heard of the history of the Anda.

Gangrel Lore 5:
What a Gangrel Scholar would know

  • You're very familiar with the myth of Lillith (and all the various interpretations) and know most of the traditional story as presented in the Gangrel Clanbook.
  • You know the rumors about Ennoia in Australia.
  • Your presence at the yearly gathers is generally assured.
  • You've heard rumors about the Waelkyrige and their activities.
  • You are familiar with the expert level in-clan disciplines and can generally recognize them in use even if you don't possess them.
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