Followers of Set Lore

Followers of Set Lore 1:
What any newly embraced Follower of Set knows

  • You are familiar with what clan you are.
  • You know other people don't like you because you're a Setite. The toreador might be an exception to this, whom we have had a long and loving relationship with.
  • You know that there is a god called Set that you're supposed to follow.
  • You know that Set is an Egyptian god and that he was equated with death, storms, chaos, and darkness.
  • You know that there are temples, usually associated with the Masons in a town. (You have no idea where or what is in them.)
  • You know that Setites don't like light.
  • You know that people equate you with reptiles.
  • You are familiar with the basic uses of Serpentis.

Followers of Set Lore 2:
What any neonate who has been sent out on their own knows.

  • You know that you are not Camarilla or Sabbat, but part of an independent clan.
  • You know that most people believe you were embraced to corrupt, even though that's not necessarily the truth.
  • You know that you are extremely sensitive to light, because of some part of the religion that has to do with Ra.
  • You know that others consider you evil because you are a corruptive snake.
  • You know who your priests are and listen to what they say.
  • You are aware of what it means if someone is named -Osiris- within the clan.
  • You know where your temple is. You are familiar with the intermediate uses of Serpentis
  • You have heard stories of Magi, sorcerers of the clan but have no idea who one is or what they do. You have also heard of the Medjay, Warriors of the clan and protectors of the temples.
  • You know there is a pecking order to the clan, and that cult leadership, temple construction and skills are needed to advance on it.
  • You have an idea how to build a proper temple, but are unsure of the exact expectations.
  • You are aware of one or two of the most prominent national cults.
  • You are familiar with the story of Set and Apophis, and you know that worshipping Apophis over Set is bad.
  • You have heard the legends about Set and Osiris and that they fought with each other. You are aware there is more to the story then just the Joseph Campbell version.

Followers of Set Lore 3:
What those who have lived have found to be true.

  • You know that Setites often masquerade as other clans, and which ones are the easiest to infiltrate.
  • You know that there is a third generation of vampires that are supposed to bring about Gehenna and that Set wants you to work towards that end.
  • You know where the Regional Temples are and how to get to them, you've seen them, you know the priests.· You have gained enough knowledge of Setite ritual and ceremony to be able to mimic it to a city sized cult.
  • You know the Paths of Set, that there are Typhonists, Ecstatics, and Warriors and that each of these has its own duties within the clan.
  • You understand the advanced uses of Serpentis.
  • You are aware of the Path of Corruption, a general overview of what it does, and that the Followers have access to other Paths.
  • You know the in-clan Status system in detail, and are fully aware of how to advance on it and how to lose status as well.
  • You are aware that the daughters are the status-keepers of the Clan and they alone can name someone -Osiris- .
  • You are fully versed in the different requirements for building various temples, up to and including Continental temples.
  • You have heard of any Followers of Set with 9 status or more.
  • You are aware of all the national level cults and a handful of the smaller regional ones.

Followers of Set Lore 4:
What Elders who have seen and studied have found.

  • You know a sizeable amount of Setite ritual and ceremony and have enough knowledge to run, construct and consecrate a regional temple in your city, as well as the basic information for running a Continental temple.
  • You know the location of the Grand Temple for your continent and have been inside, you know who the High Priest is.
  • You know that Set and Osiris fought, that Ra was their father, that Ra cursed Set, and that is why the Setites fear the light.
  • You know that there are many clan secrets that you have yet to see.
  • You know that there are mummies, or something like that, and that they are dangerous.
  • You have heard rumors of the Daitya…who worship a god other then Set.
  • You know that the 3rd generation have agents roaming around and that the 3rd generation shunned Set and this is why we corrupt.
  • You are aware of 3 or 4 various paths of Setite Sorcery.
  • You understand the elder powers of Serpentis.
  • You have heard of any Followers of Set with 5 or more Status.
  • You have can recall any Follower's lineage if they have 9 status or more.
  • You are familiar with all the active cults, regardless of size.
  • You are familiar with the paths of Sutekh and Typhon and their core beliefs. You are also aware that The Path of Ecstasy and Path of the Warriors are branches of the Path of Typhon.
  • You are familiar with the Follower's rivalry with the Illuminati.
  • You have heard stories involving Saulot and Malkav.

Followers of Set Lore 5:
Those who have taught what they have seen and studied.

  • You are a philosopher in the ways of Set. You know all about the rivalry written in texts about Set and Osiris, you know of Isis and Nepthysis, you know of the Mummy Horus and the Cult of Isis. You have the ability (though may not necessarily) to construct, consecrate, and run a Continental temple and speak frequently with the High Priests of your continent, as well as those in other continents and the Grand temple. You are familiar with ritual and have studied extensively in Egyptology as well as Setite Lore. You are familiar with the fact that there are Followers of the faith who worship different gods but still hold to the same tenets of the path. You might have met a few even.
  • You have heard rumors of a bloodline that lives in Mexico.
  • You are familiar with all the paths of Setite Sorcery
  • You can recognize almost any Follower of Set, at least by name.
  • You can recall any Follower's lineage if they have at least 1or more Status
  • You can name all of the major Setite temples throughout history
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