Evan Langley

Player: Katie (KT) Faulkner
Aliases: Langley, Professor

Creature Type: Vampire

Clan: Brujah

Political Affiliation: Camarilla

Social Age Category: Ancillae

Titles: None… yet?

Camarilla: 1
Clan: 1


Evan Langley is a tall gentleman, seemingly in his late twenties or early thirties, with sandy, well-trimmed hair, green eyes, and a face made of smooth-skinned, even planes. His build is athletic, though the keen intelligence in his eyes would suggest a scholarly bent. He almost always dresses neatly, whether casual in jeans, or more formally on special occasions.

Notable Traits

  • Evan seems the type to iron his underwear. He's very tidy.
  • While not flamingly effeminate, Evan does have some more… effete qualities. He'd seem soft, if he didn't hit so damned hard.

Common Knowledge

  • Evan, while as passionate as any Brujah, seems to have a very tight grip on the usual fury that plagues his Clan.
  • Evan is known as a reformer, who often pushes for a more modern take of Camarillan Law. Still, he also seems to know when to be quiet, since he's survived this long as an upstart.
  • You can get him to talk to you for hours, if you bring up the topic of socio-anything.
  • Langley still identifies as Gay, though he admits the physical directives of such have waned.


  • Evan is secretly an Anarch, posing as Camarilla to help weaken the sect from within.
  • Evan was sent here by his sire, Raegan Moir, to help take out Hector because of a blood feud she has for the Prince.
  • Evan is an automaton, controlled by Jeeves.
  • Evan is an agent of Justicar Carlak, watching for any slips to report on.


For all anyone knows, Evan is from America, though he's lived in Canada for the last few decades. If you want more history, talk to him. You might just get a story. Though I warn you, they call him Professor for a reason.

IC Contact Info

  • Evan generally hands out cards with a general number people can reach him at. (moc.liamg|lagrehtehw#moc.liamg|lagrehtehw)
  • Evan can often be seen at the Elysium, reading, writing, or sometimes.. people watching.
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