Player: NPC

Aliases: None known

Creature Type: Vampire

Clan: Gangrel

Political Affiliation: Camarilla

Social Age Category: Ancillae

Titles: Sheriff, Ex-Archon, Alastor

Camarilla: 4
Clan: 4


Common Knowledge

  • Long time friend/ally of Hector
  • Walked out of the hill country of Norway into Stockholm 100 years ago
  • Tight lipped, does not share information well
  • Spent many years working with Hector when they were both Archons
  • Retired as Archon less than a decade ago
  • Worked for Justicar Carlak
  • Excellent combatant


  • Might be a diablerist
  • Called "Blunt Force Trauma" far behind his back


IC Contact Info

  • Messages can be left at the Woodholme Manor Elysium
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