Daughters of Cacophony Lore

Daughters of Cacophony Lore 1
What a Daughter's ghoul would know

  • The daughters communicate through means that do not require technology
  • The daughters do not compete with each other
  • The daughters do not get involved in Kindred politics
  • Daughters can drive people insane with their voice

Daughters of Cacophony Lore 2
What a newly-embraced would know

  • Daughters use the Discipline called Melpominee
  • They do not teach this Discipline to anyone
  • You may have heard of the celestial spheres
  • You may have heard of the concerto
  • You know the Sons were culled, but you're not sure why

Daughters of Cacophony Lore 3
What an Ancilla would know

  • You know exactly how to manipulate your voice to the greatest skill
  • You have heard Banshee's wail on several occasions
  • You know that the daughters embody the celestial chorus
  • You know that the decision to destroy the Sons took place at the last Concerto in 1979
  • You have heard creation myths about the daughters, and you may have a vague idea of which one is correct
  • You know the song connects us all, and that if one of us dies the song takes on that of a funeral dirge.
  • You also know that when speaking to someone if you voice echoes back that person is no longer in a plane of existence you can reach

Daughters of Cacophony Lore 4
What a Diva knows

  • You know that the Sons were destroyed because they cause discord in the song
  • You know how Daughter clan status works
  • You know we have strong ties to the Fae and that they were instrumental in our creation
  • You most likely have Banshee wail and have used it and survived
  • You know of the dealings with the other clans and how to treat each one of them
  • You know the daughters are watching each sect for strong points
  • You know that all the elders are dead
  • You know about the Children of Harmony

Daughters of Cacophony Lore 5
What only a few gifted Chanteuses know

  • You know the Daughters are a creation of the Fae
  • You know the Children of Harmony were against the slaughter of the Sons, and that they were put into torpor to not get in the way.
  • You know the Daughters' influence on the song drives the way the universe works.
  • You know what happens when more than 2 daughters sing together
  • You know the destruction of the Sons was an indirect effect of the night of knives
  • You know the Kiasyd are our "cousins" in a way
  • You know it is possible to kill someone with the song
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