Player: NPC


Aliases: None

Creature Type: Vampire

Clan: Assamite

Political Affiliation: Sabat

Social Age Category: Unknown

Titles: Ductus

Sabbat: ?
Clan: ?


As seen: A medium build middle eastern man, with dark skin. May or may not be real appearance.

Notable Traits

  • Snide and snarky to anyone who is Camarilla
  • Seems to take pleasure in taunting people

Common Knowledge

  • Claimed to be a Ductus of the Sabbat
  • Taunted Prince Hector while he was at Court
  • Justicar Carlak has stated he will give a favor to whomever gives him Critas


  • Seems to know when major events are going to take place in Camarilla circles
  • Has been seen attending most of the Elysium gathers
  • May have been attending the ones he wasn't seen at as well


IC Contact Info

  • Unknown
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