City History

Ten years ago, the Tower was strong in London.

Then it fell over.

The Sword of Caine descended upon the city in 1998, taking advantage of splits within the Camarilla, took the city by storm. They slaughtered the court and spent several weeks hunting down stragglers and their allies that could not escape the city quickly enough.

With the Sabbat's hold on Detroit, Windsor, Sarnia, Toronto and Hamilton secure as well - London was soon relegated to secondary status when attention focused on Ottawa where Justicar Pascek held the city. This gave the Camarilla their opportunity.

Justicar Pascek planned his counter stroke. In 2007, with the cooperation of Prince Zabian Trent of Cleveland a staging ground was arranged. Kindred sailed across Lake Erie into Port Stanley and made their way north. Reinforcements were smuggled in by the Giovanni of the Niagara region at great expense.

The Camarilla struck while the Sabbat's eyes were on where the apple was being dangled in front of their face in Ottawa. The Bishop was assassinated by Pascek's own Archons to open the assault. He and his pack were destroyed quickly by the overwhelming force directed at them.

But from there the results were… odd.

The Camarilla moved in strength to crush their resistance and found… none.

They invaded the Sabbat Havens they had discovered through painstaking research and scouting and found the inhabitants gone. On some of the scenes it was obvious from the amount of destruction and wounds inflicted that werewolves were the culprit - usually very freshly done as well. In others, the bodies of the vampires were intact but simply dead. In still others it seemed that the inhabitants had locked up the doors and windows, laid down in their crypt and simply vanished into thin air. Records recovered from the Bishop's own Haven indicate that the Sabbat had been attempting to deal with the problem for quite a few years without success.

Despite the mystery, the Camarilla continued with its plans to bring the city back into the Tower's folds. The Archon leading the assault was let to retire from active duty and given Praxis of the city. Others who aided the assault were given various rewards both within the city and without. The call has gone out for those who would aid the Tower in this time by coming to the city and helping with its defense.

Many have come…

But was it for that reason?

Or their own?

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