Character Creation Rules

All character creation will be done by the rules of Vampire: The Masquerade Table Top rules (pg 103). All Table Top White Wolf books (Revised editions) can be used for ideas, secondary skills, disciplines, etc - with ST approval.

Each player may have only one character in play at a time. Each player also may have up to additional two backup characters (fully rolled up and finalized) in case the first dies.

Step Zero: Randomization

To maintain equality, balance and rarity within the game your Clan, Generation and Age will be generated randomly with an ST. With each roll, you can use that result or choose to use a lower clan on the table.

Clan roll: d100

01 – 60 Basic: Ventrue, Toreador, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Brujah
61 - 75 Common: Caitiff, Gangrel, Tremere
76 - 85 Uncommon: Giovanni, Salubri, Assamite
86 - 95 Rare: Ravnos, Settite, True Brujah, Lasombra Antitribu
96 - 00 Whatever: Samedi, Nagaraja, Tzimisce, etc, etc – to be Approved by ST

For example, if you roll 62, you could play a Ventrue, Toreador, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Brujah, Caitiff, Gangrel or Tremere.

Generation roll: d100

The generation background dots necessary for the result below are free. Diablerie (PC or NPC) and other methods to lower your generation are all perfectly valid. The social stigma attached to those methods also valid.

01 - 50 Thirteenth
51 - 65 Twelfth
66 - 75 Eleventh
76 - 83 Tenth
84 - 90 Ninth
91 - 95 Eighth
96 - 99 Seventh
00 Use Elder Creation Rules as per Elysium (Discuss with ST)

Age Background roll: d100

This background denotes how many years the vampire has been active. And therefore how many bonus freebie points the character gets at character creation. Look on Pg 36-37 of the Storyteller's Handbook for the full description. The background dots necessary for the result below are free.

01 - 60 no age dots : 0 extra freebies, normal Humanity, maximum active years: 100
61 - 75 1 dot : 30 extra freebies, -1 Humanity, maximum active years: 200
76 - 85 2 dots : 55 extra freebies, -2 Humanity, maximum active years: 350
86 - 92 3 dots : 75 extra freebies, -3 Humanity, maximum active years: 500
93 - 97 4 dots : 90 extra freebies, -4 Humanity, maximum active years: 750
98 - 00 5 dots : 100 extra freebies, -5 Humanity, maximum active years: 750+

Steps One to Five: Same as in the book.

Include Secondary Skills as per House Rules page

Some Merits and Flaws are listed here.

A character sheet Template (Rough).
Character creation guide, provided by Morte.
Character submission text file, provided by Morte.

Step Six: Add some starting XP

To keep things balanced, there will be a bonus starting XP that will vary depending on the average XP of all current and living PCs.

Current Bonus XP: 14

Bonus Points

If you really don't like your rolls there are a few ways to customize them…

These things give you Bonus Points:

  • Drop a level on the Randomizer Charts
  • Become a childe of another character in play (worth 2)
  • Become a childe of one of the local NPCs
  • Owe a Major Boon to a local NPC
  • Have a character die in a way that advances plot
  • Each new player recruited that plays for at least 6 months
  • Every 3 months of consistant downtime action filing and/or game attendance

These are things you can spend Bonus Points on:

  • Raise a level on the Randomizer Charts (costs 2)
  • Be owed a Major Boon by a local NPC (some NPCs cost more than one)
  • Hold a minor position in the local Court (details to be worked out with ST)
  • Have inside information on local plots
  • Have contact (not necessarily peaceful) with other supernaturals
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