Baali Lore

Baali Lore 1:

  • You know Baali are associated with infernalism, the worship of Demons for the purpose of gaining personal power
  • You believe there are almost no Baali in the modern nights, as they are a very rare blood line
  • You know Baali can summon flames and manipulate the feelings of others
  • You know that sometimes Baali congregate in groups

Baali Lore 2:

  • You know that the groups Baali congregate in are called Hives, and that they have an internal hierarchy
  • You are familiar with the legend that the Baali and the Salubri are somehow connected
  • You know that the Assamites have a particular dislike for the Baali, although you do not know why
  • You know that thousands of years ago, the Baali were much closer to Clan Brujah, but that their alliance was shattered for some reason.
  • You do not believe that the Baali are a blood line of any of the major Clans in the modern nights

Baali Lore 3:

  • You know all there is to know about Hives, and are familiar with the Road of the Hive, although you don't know enough to attempt to convert onto it.
  • You believe that the Baali are the offspring of Saulot, the founder of the Salubri, and are familiar with the names of the reputed Baali Methuselahs
  • You know that the Baali have the Disciplines of Presence, Obfuscate, and Daimoinon, and you are familiar with the effects of the Daimoinon powers from Basic to Advanced.
  • You are familiar with the rough outline of the Baali War, and know the true reason why the Assamites hold a particular grudge against the Baali
  • Your have heard of Baali Apostates, although you do not know exactly what they are.
  • You believe that Baali are not automatically infernal, but that their nature and interests often drive them in that direction.

Baali Lore 4:

  • You are familiar with the entirety of the Baali write-up in the V:tM Storytellers Handbook (Revised), and know some of the history as outlined in Clanbook Baali (Dark Ages)
  • You know the intricacies of the Road of the Hive, the Road of the Devil, and a bit about the Path of Evil Revelations.
  • You know Saulot went to the East for a while, was known as Zao-Lat the healer, and left the East again without having found what he was looking for.
  • You know that many of Clan Tremere followed the Road of the Devil during their early nights in the Dark Ages.
  • You are familiar with the role the Baali played in Carthage
  • You believe that there may an inherent infernal taint to the Discipline of Daimoinon, and the black flames it creates.
  • You think you know enough about the Baali to attempt to replicate one of their infernal rituals. You don't.

Baali Lore 5:

  • You know pretty much all of the historical information as presented in Clanbook Baali from Vampire: the Dark Ages.
  • You know of the active Baali Methuselahs, and their supposed affiliations.
  • You know enough to learn the Apostate ritual.
  • You have heard about the true nature of the Fallen
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