Assamite Lore

Level 1:
What a Fida'i should know

  • Knows the Khabar as words, not necessarily the meaning.
  • Knows that Haqim is the Founder of the Clan, and is at war all other Kindred.
  • Knows the very basic structure of the clan.
  • Knows the basic history of the clan.
  • Knows the meaning behind the Khabar, but not necessarily understanding.
  • Knows that there may be factions within the Assamites.
  • Knows that the elders arrange all contracts for them.
  • Knows their Castellan.
  • Knows what the Du'at are.
  • May have heard about the Ritual.

Level 2:
What a Rafiq should know

  • Knows the history of "The curse".
  • Knows and understands the Khabar, word for word.
  • Knows that there are factions within the clan and may belong to one.
  • Knows about the Ritual.
  • Knows how contacts are worked out.
  • May have heard about Assamites having Thaumaturgy.
  • Knows about the Unconquered.
  • Knows the locations and movements of the Assamites under his Command.
  • Knows who Du'at.
  • Knows their Silsila.

Level 3:
What a Castellan should know

  • Knows the history before "The Curse"
  • Knows about Assamites having Thaumaturgy.
  • Knows how to make contact with the Unconquered.
  • Knows what Ritual can do.
  • Knows who the Master is.
  • Knows whom all the Silsila or Elders are and how to contact them

Level 4:
What an Elder should know

  • Knows the History of Golden Age.
  • Knows where the 'new' Alamut is.
  • Knows how to contact assamites in any area.
  • Knows who all Castellans are and how to contact them.
  • Knows the history of the Beginning.
  • Knows when and where the Clan is moving and against whom.
  • Knows who all Rafiq are.

Level 5:
What a Silsila should know

  • Knows the true location of Alamut.
  • Knows where the Unconquered meet and where they maybe found.
  • Knows all members of the clan and their located.
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